South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine

Let's get together to be part of new chapter in the arena of sleep medicine i.e. the inception of a new professional body named, South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine(SEAASM)

"South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM)" is an international society formed in 2013 to cater to the need of developing the field of sleep medicine. As we all know that sleep disorders is the next looming epidemic in south East Asia, SEAASM gives a platform to sleep physicians and clinicians from different specialities to come together and take forward this cause of promoting, exchanging knowledge and enlightening the medical fraternity and public at large about sleep disorders.

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  • Discounted Conference Registration
  • Discounted Workshop Participation
  • Discounted World Sleep Society Membership
  • Access to Discussion with Sleep Medicine Experts
  • Access to a Sleep medicine Network of Doctors for Practical discussions in Setting up Sleep Practice.
  • Free Access to Sleep Medicine Talks by Experts
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Online Membership Form: Doctors